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To My BOO: Halloween Gift Basket

A Spooky Gift Basket for ones Sweetheart

We love Halloween and that we love our spouses! These sassy gift tags produced by Jennafer of Oh Creative One?could be the perfect strategy to combine the two main!

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The biggest gift tag says “In my BOO!” which is suitable for applying the exterior of the basket or gift bag.

Oh Creative One?also made 13 different tags for people with adorable sayings:

I’m batty on your behalf!

  • Attach a fun plastic bat?

You can un-wrap me every day!

  • Tie onto your favorite?lingerie – oo-la-la!

I don’t need no one however you!

  • Find a fun little skeleton treat or bones gloves

For the perfect sand-witch!

  • Attach a gift card on their favorite sandwich shop!

?Smell My Feet

  • We love fun Halloween socks or possibly a nice foot rub cream just for this tag

You’re Just My Type

  • Your love’s favorite blood-colored drink

I’m Always Goblin You Up!

  • Have you tried Guacachips?! They\’re the perfect a benefit to this goblin tag. If you want to get sassy, attach an edible lotion!

All My EYES are stored on You!

  • We love the googly-eye cup (from the picture) or maybe a fun themed two of sunglasses.?

To get nice, straight lines, we used a paper cutter to chop out each of the tags. The tags were attached to the products?with a bit of coordinating ribbon and glue dots seriously, those things save our lives! Discover a cute basket, arrange your adorable treats and still have it waiting for your ex after they go home.

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