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Pie Night Tradition

Thanksgiving Pie Night Tradition

Thanksgiving is a good holiday! A lot of good food… so little time. So my husband and I developed a new tradition concentrated on?the ideal food: PIE!

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Pie night can be a whole night invested in pie! We’ve got a free printable pack to make this the right night. Without a doubt, this printable pack is gorgeous! Leslie from Nina Bean Designs did a fantastic job creating these pie night printables. 

This printable pack includes everything you’ll have to put together a Pie Night party for all your close friends, form actual pie!

  • Pie Night Invitation
  • Welcome Sign
  • Food Tent Labels
  • Judging Cards
  • Awards
  • 8×10 Framed Art

Let me share the details of your respective new favorite Thanksgiving tradition! 


After you print out the attractive Pie Night printables, you could mail out your invitations. I adore sending the cute invite via text whenever i don’t have time to mail them or hand them out. 


Think of all of the family you intend to eat pie with…?and send away! 


One thing I adore at parties, is really a cute?welcome station.Get established for your Pie Night by putting together your welcome station! Burlap, leaves, and pinecones?lead to easy and adorable fall decor! 


You’ll aim for the dish tent labels and pens put down. 


That way all?of?your pies will all be labeled correctly and everybody know just what kind of pie they can be enjoying!? 


The food tents are?absolutely adorable and enhance the party atmosphere.

Also, through your welcome station, you’ll want to have your gratitude charade slips and also a cute basket to the charade slips.? 


Now for the?fun and laughter! Gratitude Charades!!!!In earlier times, we\’ve got asked website visitors to write something they\’re grateful for for the slips. You have to play reverse charades. Anyone will there\’s more the delicate process of their group is acting out. Subject to what you really are grateful for, this may be an essential challenge. Walking out to once we were supposed to act up “looking at the Christmas lights during the city.” 


Throughout the night, you’ll have considered trying The many pies. So you might need to make a handful of trips to your pie table! Space it out and eat some before your bet on charades, grab a slice while having game and fill your plate after, too!? 


At the end of the evening, have everyone complete their pie judging card! 


Then offer the awards!! 


There are 3 main categories that your chosen group can vote on, however, if you are sort of man or woman who loves for anyone to have an award, there\’s a couple of awards on this printable pack that you can share! 


By get rid of the night time, you are going to have the true spirit of Thanksgiving! A complete lotta gratitude in addition to a full belly! 


Hurry and grab your free Pie Night Printables to help you start up a new?tradition this year!

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