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Don’t you simply LOVE christmas? There are numerous fun and festive crafts and recipes to parties and events to wait. But with most of the busyness and chaos, it usually is effortless to forget about the real reason behind the holidays are. We’re always finding ways to help get our kids focused on GIVING as opposed to GETTING during the entire holidays, and we’re all about generating meaningful family memories.? And we thought we would create some…

Printable Service Bucket Lists!


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First, we must make a really big shout-out to crazy talented designer, Kensie Kate!?We just adore her hand-lettered designs and he or she may be a pro at turning all of our creative visions into reality, and then we had to commission her to development these for us. (Incidentally, if you ever haven’t looked over her shop it is advisable to – like right this moment. It is stuffed with darling adorableness!)? 

She even created THREE different versions just for you!? Below you’ll find a…

    • Thanksgiving Service Bucket List
    • Christmas Service Bucket List
    • Generic Service Bucket List (to get a season)


They are FULL of guidelines to buy your family doing service over the year! We even provided BLANK versions in case you want to personalize them and are avalable program your own ideas as the family. You could even frame them and write on the glass with a dry erase marker?– that way you can use them year after year! What a fun tradition that would be. 

Want a closer look?? I think so…


Thanksgiving Service Bucket List


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Thanksgiving Service Ideas…

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • Leave a surprise during the mailbox on your mail carrier.
  • Donate food on your local food bank.
  • Rake your neighbor\’s leaves.
  • Make heal cards and take them into the hospital.
  • Make Blessing Bags.
  • Collect and donate old books to the library.
  • Tape move to a parking meter or automatic washer for a laundromat.
  • Visit and welcome a completely new family in the neighborhood.
  • Buy someone’s groceries.
  • Write thank you notes to teachers.
  • Donate a turkey to the family in need.
  • Do a chore for any loved one.
  • Deliver meals towards the elderly near you who live alone.
  • Put together a care package for that deployed soldier.
  • Bake a pie and present it away.
  • Offer free babysitting into a young family for them to use a date.
  • Invite a lonely friend, neighbor, or relative to your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Pay for that person behind you on the drive-thru.
  • Bring balloons to patients along at the local children\’s hospital.
  • Donate old gadgets to the women\’s shelter.
  • Deliver treats?to your local fire or police station.
  • Take a pal off to lunch.
  • Pick up trash in the local park.
  • Write notecards into the doctors and nurses along at the local hospital.


Christmas Service Bucket List


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Christmas Service Ideas…

  • Send Christmas cards to deployed soldiers. (Visit here to see what else you can actually send to them.)
  • Shovel the snow off your neighbor\’s driveway and sidewalk.
  • Take goodies towards the police or fire station.
  • Deliver flowers to patients with the hospital.
  • Stick candy canes in your neighbor\’s yard.
  • Go caroling for a elderly.
  • Make special \”thank you\” Christmas presents in your teachers.
  • Make its own \”thank you\” Christmas gift for any bus driver.
  • Deliver cups of hot chocolate towards the bell ringers outside of the stores.
  • Put up a Christmas tree for your widow.
  • Pass out Christmas coloring books and crayons with a children\’s hospital.
  • Be a \”secret Santa\” for any family short of funds.
  • Collect and donate toys and garments towards a group home or shelter.
  • Generously over-tip your server at the restaurant having a remember that says \”Merry Christmas.\”
  • Anonymously leave a?gingerbread house kit with a neighbor\’s porch.
  • Make Christmas cards to see relatives members who live far.
  • Invite a lonely friend, neighbor, or relative to your Christmas dinner.
  • Fill a smallish Christmas stocking with hygiene items for that local homeless shelter.
  • Make a stranger smile.
  • Leave a little Christmas gift inside the mailbox to your mail carrier.
  • Call look for a friend.
  • Tape quarters on the vending machines at the hospital.
  • Volunteer to babysit for the single mom so she could do her Christmas shopping.
  • Deliver extra rolls of wrapping paper and tape to your neighbors.
  • Leave a smaller, wrapped Christmas present in addition to your garbage can for your garbage collector.


Make Your very own Service Bucket List

for ANY time of year


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When the holidays are over, make use of this generic design to develop your own private service bucket list whilst the giving spirit going all year round! Have you thought to spread some sunshine with random acts of kindness?

Ready to begin?!

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