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February 2016 Love Calendar

Your free printable February?Love Calendar will be here!?

And it’s Rich in fun and flirty romance suggestions to help reconnect you with all your spouse and strengthen your marriage this month!

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Yep, we promised the love calendar?would be coming and here it is! Isn\’t it time for an additional month of intentionally loving your better half?

Have any tips on future romance calendars? We’d Want to hear them while in the comments!!

And if you’re a new comer to our Love Calendar then…

Here’s What Works

Just download the darling calendar, made by the lovely Leah Aldous?Isn\’t it fun?! Leah can create seriously anything we envision. Check out Leah’s?work!

We have come up with 3 calendars, one for your both of you, one only for him, and a second for just her.

In the Love Calendar pack?you will discover:

  • Page 1 – Detailed instructions to be able to operate the calendars.
  • Page 2 –?Completely Completed Calendar If you don’t care for surprises, this is the calendar for the two of you.
  • Page 3 – Calendar for HIS Eyes Only He will want to print this off and look at each odd day to see what to do for his sweetie.
  • Page 4 – Calendar For HER Eyes Only (She could want to print this off and look at each even day to observe what direction to go to be with her sweetie).

Then, simply confirm the Love Calendar?each day for your personal little \”love assignment.\” It may be a smallish act of service to do for the spouse, an appreciation note to write, or perhaps quick activity to undertake together.

Odd?days are designated with the hubby and also?days are for any wife. Whether it is your mood, you are going to either serve your spouse, plan date night, or grab any needed printables. You\’re welcome!

?We\’ve even included great date night tips for each Friday night! Don\’t worry, we\’ve only scheduled one \”out on the town\” date each month, so you only have to arrange for a babysitter once a month! The rest of the dates are fun and creative at-home options. We\’ve done all of the be right for you, so now you simply have to Arrive there!

**TIP:?We advise which you print the calendar and put it somewhere where you will see would seem impossible to. Because of this you can examine off of the little \”love assignments\” just like you complete them. BUT just be sure you also save digital file in your desktop. Wanna know why? The pink?text over the calendar are literally links! If you click them, you will be to a post with an increase of details and infrequently FREE Printables to settle for your little love assignment. Considering experience a \”pink day\” for the calendar, be sure and read the link!

So, are you ready to join our Marriage Challenge?

Just imagine exactly what a whole month or YEAR of intentionally loving your significant other could do for your personal relationship!

And be sure you check in the following for your personal free printable March?2016 LOVE Calendar!

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