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Clever candy sayings with candy quotes, love sayings and a lot more!


Looking for any simple and fast present? We\’ve got your back with his clever candy sayings and candy puns! I\’ve lost count of methods more often than not I\’ve needed a brief gift for any friend, or considered one of my kiddos- one can find additionally sometimes that any of us either really need to say \”Thank You\”, \”Happy Birthday\”, or \”Feel Better!\” So, rather than always feeling caught unprepared, use our free printable candy gift tags to help make the perfect gift for just about every occasion! Whether it be thanks sayings, love sayings or just any clever saying in general- our chocolate bar gift tags are here to save the day. We have OVER 50 FREE printables that will help you be \”punny\” with only about every cute saying within the book! Print them out, slap them on some candy bars, whilst them saved to your perfect moment- and you will probably never get caught unprepared again!


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This post contains affiliate links. For more information on \’em,?just click here.I mean,?who wouldn\’t LOVE?a chocolate bar love note or two?! ?And it isn\’t getting less of a challenge than this. 

?ALL You\’ll need Of these QUICK & EASY CANDY PUNS ARE:

#1)?Some candy bars

#2)?Our printable candy gift tags

Yep, that\’s right- ?Erin, the fabulously talented designer behind Strawberry Mommycakes,?is hooking you up with?7 PAGES of DARLING candy bar gift tags!! ?SCORE! ?The use of them, you should definitely?head on onto her page?and provide her a much-deserved \”Thank You!\”

Your printables include a lot of darling candy quotes gift tags to say-

?\”Thank You!\”
?\”Miss You!\”
?\”I\’m Sorry!\”
?\”Feel Better!\”
?\”Happy Birthday!\”
?\”Happy Anniversary\”
?\”I Love You!\”

Wanna see a peek?! ?I believed so-



Sometimes just saying “thank you” never seems like quite enough… that’s where our “Thank You’ candy sayings valuable! Put a little more thoughtfulness for your acts of gratitude by using these cute printables.

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  • Do U-NO exactly how much I miss you?!
  • Missing you MOUNDS and MOUNDS!
  • Just be-TWIX me you- I really, desire you!
  • Really missing my HOT TAMALE!
  • I O-FISH-ally miss you wish crazy! (Swedish Fish)
  • Without you, I fall to PIECES! (Reeses Pieces)


I don’t believe, but may saying “sorry” is the hardest thing ever. And often it really doesn’t look like quote enough! Thanks why our “I’m Sorry” candy sayings are the doctor ordered. Say it like ya mean it with our candy pun printable printable tags including a candy attached!

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  • U-NO I really enjoy you, please forgive me!
  • Sometimes I could often be a real WHAT-CHA-MA-CALL-IT. Apologies!
  • I could be this type of AIRHEAD sometimes! ?I\’m sorry!
  • I made a WHOPPER of the mistake! ?I\’m so sorry!
  • Just thought I\’d BREAK THE ICE. ?I apologize! (Ice Breakers Gum or Mints)
  • I know many experts have a ROCKY ROAD lately. ?Apologies!?
  • I\’m sorry! ?I never MINT to hurt you!
  • I got to PIECES as soon as i know you\’re unhappy. ?(Reeses Pieces)


Being sick is definitely the worst. To see someone you love sick may well be far more worse! Help all your family members feel a lot better and feel your ex girlfriend with this “Feel Better” candy saying gift tags.

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  • Everything happens for your RIESEN. ?Deciding on you!
  • I heard your dealing with a SOUR PATCH. ?Know I\’m thinking of you!
  • Hope you can get feeling BUTTER soon! Don\’t lift a FINGER \’till you\’re well.
  • We\’re always here to help you if you find yourself in a CRUNCH!
  • Life can be tough, hope this allow you to ROLO together with the punches.


As far as I’m concerned, birthdays mean candy. I cannot get enough! Make use of these candy sayings to make your “happy birthdays” even happier!

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  • Happy Birthday! ?We imagine you have MOUNDS of fun today!
  • Happy Birthday! ?Use a WHOPPER of any great time!
  • Happy Birthday! TAKE 5 and relish the spoiling.?
  • Happy Birthday! ?Relax and take a FAST BREAK and luxuriate in!?
  • Hope oahu is the best birthday BAR NONE! (These bars aren’t available anymore, but are destined to be back in the marketplace in the usa in 2020. If you’re a huge fan, it is possible to become a member of updates here!)
  • For your birthday, I want to to offer 100 GRAND!
  • Hope your mood is EXTRA special- exactly like you! (Extra-brand gum)


They say the way to a man’s heart is by using his stomach… so why don\’t you say “Happy Anniversary” with many candy! Attach one of these simple cute candy sayings to his favorite candy by leaving it as a shock about the morning of your anniversary.

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  • It\’s fantastic being married back! (Almond Joy)
  • Happy Anniversary, SWEETART
  • So lucky to possess married a BIG HUNK just like you!
  • Life is BUTTER to you! So glad to have this ring on my FINGER!
  • I really SKOR-ed marrying you!
  • Happy Anniversary! Meet me AFTER EIGHT to celebrate
  • I love will still ROLO-ver beside you each day.
  • I\’m so grateful that away from everyone in the MILKY WAY– I obtained you!
  • I\’m BURSTING with happiness you\’re mine. (Starbursts)
  • Happy Anniversary! ?There are various RIESENS why I really like you!


Sometimes a simple little reminder that we are loved is exactly we need to live through a single day. Listing one of these candy sayings, attach it to a chocolate bar, and spread a bit of love!

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  • Do U-NO the amount of I really like you?
  • Just be-TWIX me and you- I really enjoy everything with regards to you!
  • Our love is In demand!
  • I am NUTRAGEOUS for you!
  • I adore you to PIECES! ?(Reese’s Pieces)
  • There really are a millions REESES why I really like you!
  • I really SKORed getting you!
  • We were MINT being together!
  • I accept you greater 100 GRAND!
  • Our love is great & PLENTY!
  • I accept you NOW & LATER
  • With you, on a daily basis is like PAYDAY!
  • I including the way you ROLL! ?(Bag of tootsie rolls. Love the fruit kind too!)

?See?! ?What did I explain to you? ?Something for almost every occasion!


You can gift merely one candy bar OR use all in the gift tags from a category to generate a fun candy bouquet or gift basket Packed with candy bar love notes! ?

What have you been waiting for?

They will definitely glance at the love with one of these cute candy sayings but to ensure they really feel it, consider our Seven days of Spoiling Kit and our Few days of Sex Challenge!?We\’ve got a hot Bedroom Gift Guide in case you wanna spice some misconception!

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