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Pumpkin Decorating Party

Invite Your buddies For your?Pumpkin Decorating Party!

Fall has arrived many families make pumpkin decorating a once a year tradition! This current year – why don\’tyou invite a number of friends to return interact in and produce it a party?

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Pumpkin decorating may be a fun tradition thats liable to bring me back in my childhood! Where I spent my youth, we were treated to an artistic?neighbor that organized once a year pumpkin decorating party – including a contest and prizes! Year after year we would bring a pumpkin into the party enjoy yourself decorating from a unique way. At the conclusion, there had been winners and prizes!

Now, you could have your personal pumpkin decorating party! Using our fantastically designed printables from Diva Designer Extraordinaire – Leah Aldous?– you are able to throw a pumpkin decorating party your friends would like to produce a tradition every single year!


Have fun inviting your creative best freinds and family basic adorable invitations! You may invite your selected couples for a group night out or morph it into a family event with other families?within the neighborhood! Just complete the date time & location and you\’re set!?The invitation even lets your friends and relatives know to take a pumpkin and inspirational strategies for their pumpkin decorating design!


Since decorating the pumpkins is the focus of the party – this is where the majority of your party you can do. These are some ideas you need to consider for your pumpkin decorating time:

  • You may want to set?some time limit within the pumpkin decorating making sure that?everyone finishes simultaneously.
  • It might be a nice idea to provide several pumpkin carving or painting tools and supplies in your guests to make use of. We would recommend this and this for sure! The invitations invite guests to bring additional materials some may need nevertheless you must provide the basics. You can also impart them with ideas by using these Pumpkin Decorating Ideas OR these Pumpkin Carving Patterns.
  • If you truly desire to move all the way – you could potentially provide food within the party (or ask your friends and family to get food pot-luck style). Listed below are 50 Fun Halloween-Themed Foods you could make or look at this post along with 100 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes.
  • While guests are decorating away, you can use websites like Pandora or Spotify or iTunes radio to experiment with some Halloween hits.
  • For decor ideas (and even more!), check our Pinterest board?that\’s got 100s of Halloween ideas.


Now it\’s the time for the little friendly competition!?When many of the pumpkins are complete, contain a designated position for them to be on show.

You might have your wedding guests use our printable tent labels to assign a title with their pumpkin thing of beauty! This will be important later through the voting!

Then, your guests are able to use our printable voting ballot to purchase their preferred pumpkin designs in various categories.

When every one of your guests have voted, our printable tally sheet will allow you to manage the votes and discover the winners!

Finally, our printable award ribbons are definitely the perfect method to reward the winners on the contest! Aren’t these fun? In making your own private award ribbons just follow these easy steps:

1.?Fold 2?printed paper strips accordion style.

2. Glue the?ends of folded paper strip together to make a circle.?*I recommend working with a hot glue gun.

3. Press it flat and glue in the center.

4. Glue the suitable award title in to the center.

5. Finally, then add colorful ribbon towards the back with the award.

How fun is the? Nighttime of fun if we do friendly competition!

You can thank our designer Leah Aldous for these particular fun and festive designs. She?is undoubtedly a wonderful designer to do business with. We are always amazed to see what she comes up with!

To ensure you get your free Pumpkin Decorating Party Printables please click the connection below:

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