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Have you seen this super sweet video that chronicles a complete relationship on gum wrappers?! I’m seriously swooning over how sentimental beautiful it is actually!

I am always buying fun technique to chronicle most of the memories i always make with my lady! This current year for any anniversary gift, I resulted in a super fun accordion-style memory book that is full of lots of different the nooks and crannies set pictures, loves notes and much more! Today I can reveal to you learning to make your individual Accordion Memory Book in barely 3 easy steps – it’s even cuter than gum wrappers!

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Not only is this Accordion Memory Book super fun to look at it – it\’s super fun to make! PLUS using our designer Crystal’s help making your own private memory book is a piece of cake and decorating is a breeze!

Just 3 Steps:


Our printable design makes it easy in making all the correct folds to do this accordion memory book! The colored squares show just where it is advisable to fold!?

First, fold your square in 1/2, open it up up and then fold it in two again the other way.

Next, fold over the diagonal line – from corner to corner.

When you open your paper make sure you are in possession of folds that leave an important sign?as well as a diagonal fold from the center.?You will observe the printable design colors visually show you where to fold – makes it simplallows you right?


Take your newly folded papers and lay one of several squares on top of a square from another paper. Use adhesive to add the two squares together.

You can implement this same solution to connect several papers as you wish. For my book I connected?3 papers and this provided plenty of spaces for adding pictures.

Your last and final the answer to produce the book fold together is hard explain but luckily I uncovered this easy-to-follow video tutorial from Crafty Nest?that demonstrates to you visually how you can fold the full book together.



Now it\’s about time to decorate your book with all of special memories! You could cover each of the unique folds with pictures, quotes, love notes plus more!

Start by lowering your pictures into various square and triangle shapes to fit within the folds of your book. If you’re searching for an excellent paper trimmer that can help cut your pictures into the perfect triangle shape we like to this!

Then select your chosen printable design elements that are great for with the vision in your book!

You might combination which pictures and embellishments you would like to pair together!

With so many adorable embellishments – there are many possibilities!

Finally, use adhesive to place pictures and embellishments in the folds of your accordion memory book.

Don’t worry a lot of about most of the pictures and quotes facing the same direction. Portion of the fun on this book is actually the unique folds and directions! There isn’t a “right” or simply a “wrong” way!

When you open the hem ebook – it must explode with pictures, memories and more! Each fold contains a special story or memory – fun right?


If you eagerly want to visit full-scale you may also make a insurance for your book.

Start by cutting a 4.5 x 4.5 \”??square outside of some form of hard cover surface. For my book We used some white foam board but the truth is would use cardboard at a cereal box or simply real book binder’s board.

Next, squeeze cover design facedown and fold the perimeters up and also over your square cover. Tape the edges in the paper down to the duvet cover (if doesn’t must look pretty – it\’ll be covered up soon!)

Finally use adhesive?to install your accordion paper folds for the within your cover! Accomplish this either way ends and that is certainly it!

To decorate leading cover I added my?favorite photo as well as embellishment however “Memories” – great for this anniversary gift!

For the backside I kept it simple and merely added an adorable embellishment – easy!

And that\’s all! Your Accordion Memory Book – the right gift for thus many occasions! You can tie it as well as some cute baker’s twine and you\’ve got one FABULOUS gift!

To get the free printables and then make your very own accordion memory book – first check out Crystal’s shop A highly Feathered Nest?and remind her you might be grateful for my child sharing this beautiful design together with you!

Then, download your Printables here:

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