The 6 Black Lesbian Couples You Meet on a Lesbian Wedding – Black Lesbian Love Lab

Nicky and Jackie have been together for 16 years.

Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): Does staying at a wedding ceremony turn you into rethink your relationship?


Nicky: \”Our relationship is so strong and solid that nothing outside will affect the way you feel about the other. We are just here to savor and support our friends.\”


BL3: Any advice for those wanting to solid relationship like yours?


Jackie: \”It’s okay to comply with disagree.\”

Nicky: \”It’s for you to decide to assure your lover trusts you. It is advisable to earn her trust whether or not she is not around.\”


Tiffany and Keena met few years ago and reconnected in regards to year ago.

They shared their thoughts via video.


Kim and Nicey have been together for a few years despite living in different states. Kim lives in Nj-new jersey while Nicey resides in Nc.

Kim and Nicey are actually together for 5 years.

BL3: Does staying at a relationship make you consider your future together?


Kim: \”Being in a wedding makes me feel excited – like marriage sometimes happens as well as happen.\”


Jamila and Brittany who met via a mutual friend, are actually together for nine months.

Watch their video to check out what you wanted to say about how exactly they deemed about coming to wedding.


T and Corri have been together for eight weeks. They met in 2010 during Black Pride.

T and Corri are actually together 2 months.

BL3: What makes staying in a wedding cause you to feel with regards to your own relationship?

Corri: \”Optimistic.\”

T: \”This validates what could happen between us which might be as soon as possible.\”


Leia and Irene are actually together four years.


Leia and Irene have already been together for about Four years.

This Maryland couple met on Irene never thought she had get wed, however, since this lady has been with Leia, each are married thrice! Their newest date for the wedding came about while in the Netherlands inside a Catholic church. And they\’re willing to have another wedding!


*Luvly Jones and Zamara Perri conducted the? interviews.

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