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Lori announced that her kidney would be a ideal match for Alana by mocking up their Tinder profile pics.

This year one lesbian is receiving the perfect gift ever. The video of Lori Interlicchio announcing to her girlfriend, Alana Duran, not only did their hearts match nonetheless kidneys also went viral and even for good reason-it\’s reminding us with the items love of his life is centered on.

The video shows Alana going through a sweet gift box wonderful Alana\’s favorite goodies. Lori wrote during one with the cards during the gift box, \”I\’m causing you to make a choice from me and that damn dialysis machine. Tattoos are overrated. Why don\’t we get matching scars.\” At the very the bottom of the box were pictures using their company Tinder profiles announcing their particular kidneys were a great match. Alana\’s emotional expression was priceless:


We talked to Lori and Alana around the eve of Thanksgiving as they spent the vacations with Alana\’s family. And this is what they told us:

It was no more summer when both Lori and Alana were hoping to find people to hang out with so naturally they turned into the Tinder dating app. Lori had just moved back to Los angeles together with been hanging out with her sister and her sister\’s girlfriend. Alana had been on the lookout for friends and maybe nearly anything.

Little did they know what that nearly anything would be. Alana, a school student studying psychology, has struggled with Lupus pretty much all her lifetime. The autoimmune disease has meant extensive hospital stays, near heart failure, a hip replacement and dialysis within the last four years.

An Accidental Meeting

Alana does not allow her to illness impede to get active and enjoying life

Alana were built with a corny message to be with her Tinder profile that immediately made Lori chuckle. Lori messaged Alana so they began texting. They officially met Labor Day weekend when they were burning Island in Los angeles. Because of a communication break up the 2 main had no idea how they would land in a similar bar as well. We were looking at so excited to operate into one. Each would take breaks from the dancing, loud music and drinks to talk.

At the end of your day as Lori and her sister were leaving to hook the ferry, Lori asked Alana for that kiss \”It was obviously a excellent kiss,\” Lori said.

Alana asked Lori she wanted to go on another date where they didn\’t need to yell at one another. They wound up attending a cheese restaurant and played video game titles afterwards, which Lori admitted that they was terrible at.

Alana never hid the point that she was sick. Lori remembers that Alana casually brought it to Fire Island.

\”I do dialysis at home,\” Alana said. \”It\’s a great deal of equipment and I can\’t hide it.\”

Lori said, \”When she brought it, she didn\’t suit your purposes of anyone who was simply sick. She goes tot a gym constantly and she\’s fit. I super respect the reality that she never permit her to due to being on dialysis be reason or hold her back from doing anything she were going to do like travel or hiking.\”

Lori, an old Human Rights Campaign coordinator plus a regular blood donor who coordinated blood drives, was big on helping anyone in need of assistance. And once Lori heard that Alana ended up being on a waitlist for that kidney for four years, she wondered what she could do today help. Alana had finally gotten a kidney in May but because she what food was in a medical facility using the flu, she couldn\’t accept the kidney. That has been a primary disappointment.

\”I asked my guys whether or not it was crazy we ended up on four dates because of this girl and were going to donate a kidney,\” Lori said. \”I also asked myself if the was somebody else but not whomever I\’d been dating would I be comfortable this process? I spoken with Alana about getting tested plus the rest was history.\”

Getting tested for that kidney is usually a long process and even though they might match, other health issues could steer clear of the process from forward motion. So until she was certain that there weren\’t any hiccups, Lori could not be able to get Alana\’s hopes up again.

What Happens if he or she Breakup?

Lori and Alana met over Labor Day weekend all of which will forever participate in each others’ lives.

\”It\’s a weird dynamic,\” Lori said considering her girlfriend. \”You\’re still able to break-up when camping. I still need do dishes. I\’m like several relationship where you\’re getting a body organ from someone can throw things off.\”

Alana said, \”We were laying in bed someday when we finally spoke of that in case something were to happen between now and February. She said, \’I still prefer to give this for your requirements.\’\”

Alana said, \”Even if fails out so we do separation, she\’s still prepared provide a kidney and that is certainly amazing!\”

Lori says, \”I feel feel like it is likely to bring us closer. I feel like it\’s nice to know that she\’s literally going to generally be an important part of me. It makes our relationship pretty real.\”


Alana\’s Family Welcomed Lori With Open Arms

Alana says her family automatically loved Lori. They\’d watched her endure hard times and saw her almost die to use a perfect stranger prepared to donate a kidney so her total well being may very well be better was the most effective gift ever.

Lori\’s family seemed to be a bit skeptical, but when they met Alana, they loved her too and supported Lori giving her Alana the kidney.


The surgery is scheduled for February 2016.

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