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Model: Melissa Henry plays to the London Warriors AFC Women.

Written by Zamara Perri

Even if you’re not into football, you are probably among the many numerous Americans who watched the Eagles crush the Patriots in last night’s Super Bowl.

I’m not really that into sports, even so can advise you that you\’ve a quite a bit that any of us can all find out about relationships just from watching the fundamental game. Listed below are some of the best takeaways from last night’s game:

  1. Pick the perfect teammate. If you need to win you simply can\’t just pick some random person because you\’re bored or lonely. Which isn\’t how winning the Super Bowl works that is certainly not how creating a tough relationship works. It is important to pick somebody who is the best MVP, your ride or die, your quarterback.
  2. Team work makes all the dream work. Folks exactly the same football team don\’t merely wear precisely the same uniforms, they have fun playing the part. Their goal is to attain one of the most and crush the defense. In a very relationship, if you cannot have interaction, you then can\’t win the overall game much less achieve the Super Bowl.
  3. Take a time out. Sometimes a break is best strategy for saving your relationship. Rather than creating a heated argument or saying something that you\’ll regret later, resign.
  4. Play hard. The identical amount of people who state thinking about being great sportsmen may perhaps be similar to the same amount who say they will be in great relationships. But honestly, divorce rates are in excess of 50 percent much less compared to a tenth 1 percent from the American public ever participate in the big game. How come? You don\’t get to be Super Bowl by being average. No one might be thinking about watching the mediocre bowl. Discover invested in doing the tough work of your relationship, then you should probably just stay with as being a spectator.
  5. Respect the sport ahem Get real your relationship. Americans love football almost as much as they love, love. You will never tell any real football fan concerning team. Treat your relationship like you treat your love for your team, with reverence. No person should are you getting away with disrespecting your spouse.
  6. Keep score. In the event the goal is always to win the overall game (and for the relationship to last), you\’ll want to be consciously striving to get a grin on your lady\’s face every day. Every smile you lather onto her face can also add days, weeks, months and in the end years on your relationship.
  7. Know the way to intercept trouble, misfortune and temptations. A good team blends with to face stress, financial challenges, flirty women, aggressive studs, unsupportive family, etc.
  8. Everyone uses a great coach (or therapist). The coach might possibly be capable of seeing things from the different perspective, so you needn\’t be afraid to seek out counseling!
  9. It\’s imperative to have those who find themselves cheering for you whether that be fans or cheerleaders. Nuff said.
  10. Reward each other for doing good job. The winners of the Super Bowl can get a pleasant trophy, money along with prizes and shouldn\’t you? Happy black lesbian relationships must be celebrated too! Surprise the other with little gifts, especially because we\’re in Romantic days celebration season. Present her with a foot rub, a hand-written card or splurge for a vacation.
  11. Some people might imagine certain gender roles (or positions) are more important versus others, but guess what, which isn\’t true! The quarterback can\’t win the adventure by himself, so stop that noise pitting studs against femmes in the role super bowl! Everything most lesbians are searhing for is really a woman who could hold her down.
  12. Know the playbook. Every relationship possesses his own playbook and it would be the rules that each one they members consent to stick to. Are aware of the rules , nor act brand new, bankruptcy lawyer las vegas boo calls a unique emergency play.
  13. Celebrate each arrive and dance consistently in the end zone. So any milestones like anniversaries need to be celebrated in a big way because it is something useful.
  14. Fumbles may occur, but that does not mean the overall game has ended. Shit happens. That\’s life. Sometimes you wreck or she messes up. That which the relationship is now over. No relationship is good. The quicker you recognize that, the faster your relationship will pass though a setback.
  15. It\’s never too late to win. One of the more exhilarating and infuriating thing about football is perhaps you can win and lose by way of a mere few seconds. If you are both playing to win, you are able to try to make that nail-biting touch down or field goal.
  16. Don\’t be like a football fan. Even when it\’s clear that your particular team sucks and also have an racially offensive name (aka the Redskins), sometimes it is best to just give up. Most teams have save players for any reason, and also a smart coach doesn\’t maintain a player who isn\’t physically able in the game because that\’s torture. Some lesbians don\’t always know when to release a marriage. I say get it done before you will discover life-impacting injuries.
  17. Know really should hand from the ball, throw it or marketed it. Not all relationship issues need to be handled exactly the same. Studs, sometimes you have got hand the ball on your femme so she\’ll handle business. After a while a terrific player learns the sport good enough to understand, which move is probably going to produce a win, tie or even a loss.
  18. The best defense is a great offense. Great players actually execute plays, they don\’t just spend a bunch of their in time defense mode. The same principle is whithin great relationships: they members create a plan and execute it. If you need your relationship for being infidelity proof, you do not spend some time fending off advances from other women which includes a smile and being friendly, you shore the relationship and shut the other woman down on her shady behavior.
  19. Proper gear is critical. Helmets, shoulder pads, ribcage protectors, cleats etc. are crucial. Relationships are no joke. All couples should take part in honest conversations because that builds trust, which is actually a key equipment to protect your relationship.
  20. It\’s a game title, and so do fun! Relationships must be fun. It may use a serious element for it, but by the end of the day, relationships are said to enhance your life! Remember how we got butterflies within your stomach the very first time you discovered football? You will get precisely the same feelings in your partner for those who follow these 20 tips.

P.s. I do not know anything about football, but were built with a large amount of fun creating this list.

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