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I\’ve finally decided to lose these stubborn extra few pounds which were hanging around me as being a stalker during the last 5 years. And every day while i navigate to the gym, I have fun playing \”is he or s isn\’t she.\” You know the sport you play if you are certainly not confident that women who\’s a sports athlete merely has straight girl swag or when she\’s actually a lesbian.

Clearly all female athletes are certainly not lesbian but not all studs are athletes. But may the sports bra and long basketball shorts really make you go, hmmm. So for all you black lesbian femmes (or studs) who are which has a awkward time choosing the stud, tomboi or masculine woman you\’ve always dreamed of, navigate to the gym or perhaps sports event. I promise you, she\’s there. You\’re welcome. Naturally, I cannot aim to deconstruct the stud mystique here. But some tips i are going to do is discuss a number of the attractive items that athletes and studs have in common:

Swag (aka confidence)

Her swag is clear in how she carries herself. Photo courtesy of Orin Fleurimont | Vanity-Exposition

You don\’t normally have to convince a player that she is definitely the shit. Why? Because she already is aware of this. Athletes like to win and therefore use a winning mentality. And he or she doesn\’t have to announce it to everyone. A lot of the sexiest female athletes and studs exude a nice confidence that says, I\’ll show you better than I noticed as well as that\’s what is mainly responsible for a wide selection of panties dropping every time a stud walks by.

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