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I’m 31 yoa we came to be in Houston, Texas. I now live in Birmingham, Alabama, with my girlfriend, Elise.

On the stud spectrum I call myself a stud because whenever i became available that has been the only term around to spell it out a dominant lesbian of color. However, as I’ve are more attuned to my sexuality, I would personally are saying Casual Masculinity fits me better. I realize Casual Masculinity since i have my occasions when I’m very dominant but will also occasionally I’m a bit feminine and submissive. I’ve learned to embrace both sides of me.

I don’t only date studs. My preference is usually to date somebody that is dominant and feminine.

I Don鈥檛 Think I\’d personally Date Another Femme

I don’t think We would ever date another femme since they refer to gender roles. It turns me off any time I dated femmes I have been the incapable of express myself as being a woman.

A large amount of femmes (not every) imagine that given that you dress as a man and now have masculine ways, that actually you need to be described as a man. You should have the capacity to do it all without ever complaining or \0敥

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