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ALL Are probably the largest LADIES, most of the single ladies – put your hands up! Black Lesbian Love Lab is starting a brand new online dating services game show: The Black Lesbian Love Lab Hook Up. Many of the ladies in our group want some good women in order to satisfy and date.

Are the actual one? Will you result in the cut?

Here\’s how it works:

1 We will post a pic and share some deets about on the list of singles in your group on our Facebook page.

2 When you are excited about her, you are going to fill in a dating profile HERE:

3 Submit 3-5 pictures of yourself.

4 Our company will take a look at profile to see if you might be match for your single lady.

5 We contact you if you\’re a match.

6 You join us to get a LIVE Friday night game show in the private group in places you are able to meet our single lady and then try to win her heart.

Our first show starts Friday, October 13, 2017.

You doesn\’t have to be part of our private group to become a contestant, however, only our members will be able to watch the video game show live.

Would you love to be our Featured Single from the Month and acquire our support in locating a match on our game show? Join our private membership at and we\’ll put you in contact!

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